Infection of insect vector cells with the plant rhabdovirus potato yellow dwarf, serotype SYDV, was inhibited when the lysosomotropic substances chloroquine or ammonium chloride were present in the culture medium. Chloroquine inhibited infection totally at 1 m, whereas inhibition by NHCl was maximum at 14 m, where it was almost complete; lower concentrations of NHCl or, surprisingly, higher concentrations were less inhibitory. The number of cells infected at 25 m-NHCl was the same as that infected in untreated controls. Binding of SYDV to the surfaces of cells was unimpaired by chloroquine. Sensitivity of SYDV infection to the lysosomotropic substances was observed only if the substances were administered during 150 min after inoculation. The inhibitory effect was abolished when the substances were removed from the medium. These results suggest that SYDV infection of the vector cells occurs by adsorptive endocytosis and has a lysosomal phase.


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