As an attempt to elucidate further the pathogenesis of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection the replication of HCMV in primary human bone marrow cells (BMC) has been investigated. It was found that BMC held in culture in general were susceptible to HCMV infection. Compared to human embryonic lung cells, however, the replicative cycle of HCMV AD169 in BMC as determined by the analysis of viral protein and DNA synthesis was delayed and productive virus infection was restricted to a subset of BMC not exceeding 21% of the total cell population. Both of these phenomena may explain the short-term persistence of HCMV in BMC cultures which was observed over 3 months. By experiments with specifically enriched and depleted cell populations and by indirect double immunofluorescence experiments we found that both bone marrow fibroblasts and a subset of bone marrow stem cells supported productive virus infection. The finding that HCMV replicates in early stem cells of the human bone marrow may explain important aspects of the pathogenesis of HCMV infection including the presence of HCMV in peripheral blood leukocytes.


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