In order to determine the chromosomal localization of the murine interferon-α (MuIFN-α) and murine interferon-β (MuIFN-β) genes the DNAs of a panel of somatic cell hybrids were analysed by Southern blot hybridization. The hybrid cells were derived from E36 Chinese hamster cells and GRSL or GR MaTu mouse cells and retained all hamster chromosomes but segregated mouse chromosomes. The MuIFN-α probe used was a 0.7 kb dIII-RI fragment derived from the MuIFN-α gene which hybridized with both mouse and hamster DNA. However, four fragments present in RI digests of mouse DNA were clearly absent from the hybridization profile of RI-digested hamster DNA and could be used for detection of MuIFN-α sequences in the hybrid cells. The MuIFN-β probe, a 0.5 kb II-HI fragment derived from the MuIFN-β gene, hybridized with a 2.6 kb RI fragment of mouse DNA and only weakly cross-hybridized with a 4.8 kb RI fragment in hamster DNA. Southern blot analysis of DNA from mouse/hamster hybrids compared with the analysis of chromosome markers showed that both the MuIFN-α and the MuIFN-β genes are located on chromosome 4. Analysis of DNA from hybrids that contained only part of chromosome 4 indicated that the MuIFN-α gene family and the MuIFN-β gene are situated at the centromere-proximal region of the chromosome.

Keyword(s): chromosome 4 , MuIFN-α and MuIFN-β

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