The restriction endonucleases, HI, RI, dIII and I, cleave baculovirus (strain PV505) DNA into 21, 43, 23 and seven fragments respectively. A large number of these fragments were cloned into the bacterial plasmids pUC8 and pBR328. These clones encompass 96% of the genome. The restriction sites for the four endonucleases were mapped using double and partial digestions of cloned fragments as well as hybridization of labelled fragments to Southern transfers of cleaved DNA. When dIII fragment D and HI fragment D were hybridized to Southern transfers six regions containing reiterated sequences were found. The physical map for baculovirus could not be orientated with respect to other published baculovirus maps because the HI fragment F of nuclear polyhedrosis virus which contains conserved polyhedrin gene sequences common to occluded baculoviruses did not bind to baculovirus DNA.


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