Isometric particles of vicia cryptic virus (VCV), purified from seedlings infected through seed, had a buoyant density in CsCl of 1.37 g/ml. Analysis by PAGE showed that VCV particles contained three species of dsRNA with mol. wt. of 1.37 × 10, 1.26 × 10 and 1.21 × 10. These dsRNA species were also detected in extracts from leaves, stems, roots, flowers, seeds and mesophyll protoplasts of ; dsRNA was readily detected in extracts from one leaflet (about 0.6 g). Slower-migrating species of dsRNA occurred in many leaf extracts but were not obtained from VCV particles. Electrophoresis of dsRNA extracts in gels that are then stained with silver appears to be a simple and reliable method for detecting ‘cryptic’ viruses. Using this method, VCV dsRNA was detected in 18 cultivars of , but not in cultivars Beryl and Minica which were thought from previous work to be free from VCV. Neither VCV particles nor VCV dsRNA were detected in VCV-free individual plants inoculated with VCV mechanically or by dodder. VCV was not detected in leaves of plants affected by cytoplasmic male sterility or in a maintainer line for this condition.

Keyword(s): cryptic virus , dsRNA , protoplasts and vicia

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