granulosis viruses (CpGV) from seven different sources in Europe, America and New Zealand were compared by restriction enzyme analysis. Most samples were indistinguishable from the Mexican isolate (CpGV-M). Isolates from Russia (CpGV-R) and England (CpGV-E) showed small genotypic differences. CpGV-E was shown to be a mixture of two variants, E1 and E2. CpGV-E1 was indistinguishable from CpGV-M. A physical map of CpGV-M was constructed for the enzymes RI, HI, dIII, I and I. A comparison of fragment profiles allowed construction of maps for CpGV-R and CpGV-E2. Relative to CpGV-M, CpGV-R had a single deletion of 2.4 kbp and CpGV-E2 was modified in one area resulting in an additional RI site, a shift in a HI site and in total about 1 kbp more DNA. The map was orientated by locating the granulin gene using the cloned granulin gene from GV as a probe. There was no significant difference between the infectivities of the Mexican, Russian and English isolates for neonate larvae.


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