The distribution of G + C-rich sequences in the genome of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) was investigated by partial denaturation, equilibrium sedimentation and Southern blot analyses. Portions of the IR and TR repeat sequences bounding the U region of the DNA were found to have a G + C content 10 to 20% greater than the overall 47% G + C content of the VZV genome. A stretch of DNA (approx. 1500 base pairs) at the U-IR junction and repeated at the terminus of the TR sequences was found to be about 64% G + C, based on sedimentation equilibrium measurements. We also report the cloning of a novel fragment containing sequences from both the U and TR termini of the VZV genome. Our ability to clone this fragment suggests that unusual forms of VZV DNA including closed circular molecules and molecules with an inverted U region can be packaged into nucleocapsids.


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