SDS-PAGE and immunoprecipitation analyses were carried out on the virion and cell-associated proteins of Hantaan virus, the causative agent of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS). Purified virions have a density of 1.17 g/ml in sucrose, and contain four proteins with molecular weights of 45000 (45K), 56K, 72K and 200K, confirming recent evidence that the virus is a member of the family . Detergent treatment of virions indicates that the 45K protein is the virus nucleoprotein. Both the 72K and the 56K proteins were labelled with [H]glucosamine and were removed from virions by bromelain treatment, indicating that they are envelope glycoproteins. The 200K protein was found only in [S]methionine-labelled preparations. By analogy to prototype viruses of the family , these proteins were designated N, G1, G2, and L respectively. Three virus-specific proteins (N, G1, G2) were detected in virus-infected cells. These proteins were precipitable by human convalescent serum and by serum of a trapped in the United States. No additional virus proteins were detected in infected cells. These results confirm recent morphological and RNA studies that Hantaan virus is a member of the family . Our results also support the suggestion that Hantaan virus be placed in a new genus of .


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