Monoclonal antibodies to the RSN-2 isolate of human respiratory syncytial (RS) virus have been characterized with regard to their specificity for viral polypeptides and for different RS virus isolates. Five hybridoma antibodies recognized the phosphoprotein VPP32 and the other recognized the matrix protein VPM27. Evidence was obtained to support the view that VPP32 was associated with the nucleoprotein VPN41. Three of the antibodies to VPP32 showed cytoplasmic immunofluorescent staining while the other two showed only surface staining of virus-infected cells. The immunoblot technique was used to determine the immunoreactivity of four of the hybridoma antibodies against human RS isolates other than RSN-2. One of these antibodies reacted exclusively with RSN-2 virus isolate whereas the others detected determinants shared by all human RS isolates tested. Extension of this approach may offer the possibility of typing RS isolates using monoclonal antibodies.


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