Sixth International Symposium on Prevention and Detection of Cancer

Vienna, Austria, November 26–29, 1984

(Sponsored by the International Society for Preventive Oncology, World Health Organization, Austrian Cancer Society/Austrian Cancer League, and Association of Clinical Scientists — U.S.A.)

The programme includes overview lectures, panels, poster sessions, scientific exhibits and special workshops designed for critical appraisal of current data. Discussions are to concentrate on actions to be taken and on the implementation of existing knowledge for effective cancer control by primary and secondary prevention. Reports are to present progress in multifactorial aetiology of oncogenesis, molecular biology, identification of high risk groups, tumour susceptibility, and clinical and laboratory manifestations of cancer including tuour markers. Participants include the clinician, epidemiologist, pathologist, experimental oncologist, immunologist, socioeconomist, educator and members of the health care team.

Of special interest to virologists: HTLV, leukaemia and immunology; HSV-2 and cervical cancer papilloma virus and cervix; EBV and human malignancies hepatitis B and liver cancer


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