International Syposium on Retroviruses and Human Pathology

S. Terenzo di Lerici, La Spezia, Italy, September 25–26, 1984

Invited Speakers. M. Barbacid (U.S.A.); A. Burny (Belgium); J. C. Chermann (France); R. Dulbecco (U.S.A.); R. C. Gallo (U.S.A.); J. Hilgers (The Netherlands); O. Jarrett (Scotland); J. A. Levy (U.S.A.); B. A. Nexø (Denmark); D. Stehelin (France); J. Svoboda (Czechoslovakia); R. A. Weiss (England); J. Wyke (England)

Preliminary Programme. W. P. Rowe Memorial Lecture

Lecture session on: retroviruses and the murine model system; retroviruses and the vertebrate model systems; retroviruses and human pathology

Round table discussion on: the role of retroviruses in nature: an update Non-stop poster session limited to 100 participants

Deadline for abstract submission: March 30, 1984

Organizing and Scientific Secretariat. Oliviero E. Varnier, Institute of Microbiology, School of Medicine, Viale Benedetto XV, 10, 16132 GENOVA, Italy, Tel: (010) 501337.


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