Interferon Nomenclature. A meeting of the Interferon Nomenclature Committee was held in March, 1982 at Squaw Valley during the UCLA Symposium on the Chemistry and Biology of Interferons. The group concluded that the original designations of IFN-α, IFN-β and IFN-γ [ , 110 (1980)] have met with general acceptance among the scientific community and should be retained. It was determined, however, that in view of new information available on the sequence of interferon genes, it was possible to identify more accurate criteria for the definition of major interferon species and subspecies. Recommendations were developed for classification and nomenclature of interferon genes and proteins and interferon preparations. These recommendations were distributed for comment through the Interferon Scientific Memoranda. The approved statement follows.

. It is clear that there are at least three species of interferon genes, as evidenced by their nucleotide sequence. These should be designated -α, -β and -γ.


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