Maize stripe virus (MStpV) and rice stripe virus (RSV) were compared serologically, chemically and physically. Cross-reactions in agar gel double-diffusion and microprecipitin tests, and neutralization of MStpV infectivity by antiserum to either virus showed that MStpV and RSV are serologically related. Both viruses sedimented slowly and in a heterodisperse manner in rate-zonal sucrose gradients, and both had similar buoyant densities in CsCl. Large amounts of a low molecular weight non-capsid protein were found in plants infected with either virus. Only limited maize-to-maize transmission of RSV was obtained with (Ashmead), the MStpV vector. This transmission, however, resulted in symptoms similar to those induced by MStpV. MStpV and RSV appear to be members of the same virus group.


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