Introduction. The study of proteins in the virions of the morbilliviruses such as measles virus (MV), canine distemper (CDV), rinderpest (RPV) and peste-des-petits ruminants (PPR) viruses and proteins induced by these viruses in infected cells has been stimulated greatly over the past 5 years because of the involvement of these viruses in chronic diseases in their natural hosts (Appel , 1981). MV has been associated with acute and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) and CDV induces chronic distemper encephalitis and old dog encephalitis (ODE). Persistent infections with morbilliviruses have been reviewed recently by ter Meulen & Carter (1982). Neurological diseases involving RPV and PPR viruses have not been described so far, but a case of bovine sporadic meningoencephalitis has been associated with a morbillivirus (Lu-107) by Bachmann (1975). However, no biochemical studies have appeared on PPR and Lu-107 viruses.


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