Methods were developed for preparing an Indiana isolate of barley yellow dwarf virus in amounts (1 to 2 mg/kg) and purity comparable to those recently achieved with other luteoviruses. Choice of host, and environmental conditions, period of infection and tissue used were critical factors for virus production. Aphid transmission, serological tests, and other properties defined the isolate as ‘PAV-like’ Rochow, but the purification procedure worked well with ‘MAV’ and ‘RPV’, two other distinctive vector-specific isolates. The Indiana isolate had a particle diameter of 26 nm, of approximately 115S, densities of 1.40 g/ml in CsCl and 1.335 g/ml in CsSO, a single coat protein of mol. wt. 24400 (± 200) and an absorbance spectrum with an average / ratio of 1.76.


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