Although a mixture of RNA-1 from tomato black ring virus (TBRV) strain A and RNA-2 from TBRV strain G appeared not to infect leaves, it induced the synthesis of TBRV(G) protein when inoculated into tobacco protoplasts. This protein assembled into particles indistinguishable in sedimentation rate and appearance in the electron microscope from top component particles of TBRV(G). Infective RNA-1(A) was synthesized in protoplasts inoculated with RNA-1(A) + RNA-2(G) but was not assembled into nucleoprotein particles. No multiplication of potentially infective RNA-2 was detected, although the synthesis of TBRV(G) protein suggests that at least that part of the RNA-2 coding for coat protein had replicated. Thus, some components of virus particles were produced in these protoplasts but virus multiplication was defective in other respects.


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