Polyvalent serum directed against C3 receptors was employed in an attempt to block Epstein—Barr virus (EBV) binding to virus receptor-containing cell lines. The serum eliminated 90% of virus binding to Daudi and BJAB, lines which express only the C3d receptor. Raji and Ramos cells, which express the C3d, C3b and C3bi receptors, still adsorbed 70% of their virus capacity in the presence of excess antiserum. These effects were independent of the virus strain. In the light of previous reports, these data imply that, although the two receptors, EBV and C3d, are closely associated, the binding sites of EBV and complement are distinct. Additionally, an unusual EBV substrain-specific receptor found on U698 and P3HR-1/ASNP lines was shown to be independent of complement receptors.


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