The 7.2 kb genomic DNA of bovine papillomavirus type 3 (BPV-3) was molecularly cloned using its unique RI site, and the 7.3 kb genome of BPV-4 was cloned using its single HI site. The viral genomes were compared by liquid hybridization, Southern blot hybridization and heteroduplex mapping. Low stringency hybridization conditions revealed that the genomes are colinear but the sequences are extensively mismatched. The relative alignment of the restriction endonuclease maps of the two viral genomes has been determined. It was found that the genomes as linearized for cloning are out of phase by 1.7 kb, so that the single RI site of BPV-3 appears to coincide with the BPV-4 RI site at 0.22 map units. It is concluded that the genomes of BPV-3 and BPV-4, both of which cause true epithelial warts, share the same physical organization but exhibit sequence divergence.

Keyword(s): BPV , genome and homology

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