It has recently been established that infection with a virus is the most common cause of transient arrest of erythrocyte production in the bone marrow, leading to aplastic crisis, in persons suffering chronic haemolytic anaemias. The physical characteristics of this human virus have suggested that it may be a member of the . We report here that extraction of nucleic acid from this virus under annealing conditions yielded a single species of double-stranded DNA 5.5 kb in length. Treatment with heat or alkali converted this DNA into a rapidly migrating form sensitive to the single-strand-specific nuclease S1. Extraction of the virion DNA under conditions of low ionic strength where annealing would not be expected to occur yielded DNA which comigrated with the 5.5 kb single-stranded molecule. The results indicate that this virus packages equal numbers of complementary DNA strands into separate virions. It is suggested that this virus can be classified as a member of the genus parvovirus.


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