A simple solid-phase immunoassay for quantification of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) is described. Infected cultures are lysed with deoxycholate. Samples of the lysates are transferred to PVC immunoassay plates and the amount of virus protein adsorbed to the plates is then quantified by sequential incubation with antiserum against VSV proteins and I-labelled Protein A. The decrease of VSV protein in interferon (IFN)-treated cultures is correlated with inhibition of formation of infectious virions; its quantification therefore allows accurate measurement of the antiviral effect. The applicability of the immunoassay for measuring the virus yield is not restricted to cells exhibiting a virus cytopathic effect. Moreover, since the decrease of virus protein is obtained at IFN concentrations lower than those that reduce cell killing by the virus, the assay provides a more sensitive measure for the IFN effect than that obtained by ‘cytopathic effect inhibition’ assays.


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