A highly leukaemogenic virus isolate (DMBA-LV) endogenous to the CFW/D mouse has been found to contain two viral genomes. One was closely related to the type B milk-borne mouse mammary tumour virus (MMTV) and present in tenfold excess over a type C viral genome which was only partially related to xenotropic and polytropic isolates from the CFW/D mouse as well as to the ecotropic Moloney murine leukaemia virus isolate. The thymic lymphoma cell line that produced DMBA-LV expressed high levels of MMTV viral RNA (35S and the 24S envelope mRNA). Both the virus and the virus-producing cell line expressed multiple species of type C viral RNA. Similar species of type C viral RNA were also associated with non-infectious, non-leukaemogenic viral particles present in both normal lymphoid cells and in a MMTV-free thymic lymphoma cell line established from a second chemical carcinogen-induced tumour.


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