Hybrids between phage φ80 and phage P22 were isolated after superinfection by P22 of a smooth hybrid lysogenic for φ80. These hybrid phages, designated φ80P22 and φ80P22, possessed the φ80 protein coat and tail genes. The φ80P22 hybrids acquired the immunity (C) region of P22 and some adjacent P22 genes, but strains lysogenic for φ80P22 hybrids remained sensitive to P22. The φ80P22 hybrids, found ten times more frequently than the φ80P22 hybrids, contained a more extensive portion of the P22 genome which encompassed the I as well as the C region of P22. Therefore, the φ80P22 hybrids conferred on their hosts immunity to P22 infection. Further analyses have revealed that the φ80P22 hybrids carry the P22 attachment region and either P22 tail gene 9 or antigen conversion gene , but not both of these genes.


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