A line of human amniotic cells (UAC) was found to yield large amounts of fibroblast interferon (IFN-β; 100 to 150 IU/10 cells) upon induction with Newcastle disease virus (NDV). UAC cells have a doubling time of about 24 h, and do not require foetal calf serum for growth or optimal IFN yield. The IFN produced was shown to be HuIFN-β by assaying it on homologous and heterologous cells, and by neutralization tests with specific antisera. It could be purified to a specific activity of 0.6 × 10 IU/mg protein by chromatography on Blue Sepharose. Addition of 8 µg poly(A) RNA from NDV-induced UAC in 100 µl of reticulocyte lysate resulted in the production of 510 ± 340 IU/ml of an IFN that was neutralized only by anti-HuIFN-β serum.


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