The photosynthetic marine flagellate (Butch.) Manton et Parke (Prasinophyceae) and its cytoplasmic virus, virus (MPV), were cloned. Host cells were maintained in liquid culture. Infectivity titration was by endpoint dilution, using loss of host chlorophyll as an indicator of the presence of infective virus. The virus growth cycle was characterized by an eclipse period of 3 h, a latent period of 7 h and a total lytic cycle of 14 h. The average burst size was 72 infective particles per cell. Inhibition of CO photoassimilation began 2 h after inoculation with virus. An almost immediate decrease in chlorophyll fluorescence in infected cells was light-dependent. cells can mutate to virus resistance at the cell surface. Host range mutants of MPV exhibited variable infectivity in different strains of .


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