To investigate the DNA sequence homology between the multicapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus of and the multicapsid and single capsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus of , the stringency of hybridization conditions was varied. Thirteen to 25% homology between the multicapsid viruses of and was detected in 20, 30 and 40% formamide, indicating that fairly stable duplexes were being formed. Under the most stringent conditions in 50% formamide little homology was detected. In contrast to the multicapsid viruses, the single capsid virus of demonstrated about 10% sequence homology in 20% formamide, but these duplexes were unstable and the percentage homology decreased markedly in the higher formamide concentrations. Examination of the specific regions of homology by hybridizing labelled DNA to Southern blots of the virus DNAs revealed that the regions of homology between these viruses were not limited to one region of the genome but were found on a number of restriction fragments.


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