The rat virus of Kilham (Kilham & Olivier, 1959) is a virus containing DNA which multiplies in rat embryo tissue culture and belongs to a group of hamster osteolytic viruses (H1 and H3 viruses) (Moore, 1962). This paper confirms and extends previous work showing that rat virus contains single-stranded DNA (Robinson & Hetrick, 1969).

The rat virus was grown as described (May 1967) except that thymidine-methyl-H (1 m/40 ml.) was added 1 hr after infection. The virus was harvested 24 hr after infection. The crude harvested viral lysates were treated with DNase, RNase, deoxycholate and trypsin, then purified by differential and CsCl density gradient centrifugation at 25°.

Infectivity and haemagglutination titres were determined according to the methods of Brailovsky (1966). The fractions corresponding to the virus were dialysed against 0.15 -NaCl, 0.015 -Na citrate.


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