A particle weight of 8.50 × 10 for encephalomyocarditis virus was derived by combining results from (), sedimentation velocity measurements on highly purified preparations of virus (0.1 to 5 mg./ml.) in 0.1 -KCl+0.02 -phosphate buffer, pH 8.0, which gave an of 162.3 s, (), differential sedimentation studies of virus in the same solvent but containing various ratios of DO to HO which gave a partial specific volume of 0.678 ml./g., with results from (), analysis of boundary spreading during low speed centrifugation of dilute virus solutions which led to a diffusion coefficient of 1.44 × 10 cm./sec. Sedimentation equilibrium studies on similar virus preparations in the same solvent gave a particle weight of 8.52 × 10. This suggested a hydrated particle diameter for the virus of 29.8 nm. and a frictional ratio of 1.130 which was consistent with that of a hydrated sphere containing 0.29 g. water/g. dry virus.


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