Semliki Forest virus in the crude supernatant from a culture of chick embryo cells was specifically adsorbed by a disulphide-linked immunosorbent prepared from the γ-globulins of rabbits immunized by Semliki Forest virus grown in mouse brain. Two to 6 ml. of rabbit antiserum of neutralization index 4 to 5 yielded 10 mg. of immunosorbent which bound 1 to 6 × 10 p.f.u. from 2 to 30 ml. of culture supernatant. Virus, free from most chick cell constituents, could be eluted from the immunosorbents by treatment with bicarbonate/carbonate buffer at pH 11.1. The immunosorbents could be cycled at least five times and about 50% of the adsorbed virus infectivity recovered at each cycle after the first, from which only 10 to 20% was recovered. In capacity experiments, immunosorbents derived from chicken antisera against Semliki Forest virus grown in chick cells showed no advantages over those derived from rabbit antisera.


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