The lytic bacteriophage φW-14 was isolated from sewage using no. 14 as host. The phage had an icosahedral head some 85 nm. in diameter and a contractile tail some 140 nm. long. φW-14 formed plaques on only a few strains of . The phage gave biphasic absorption kinetics, with an adsorption constant of 1.9 × 10 ml./min. The latent period was 60 min. and the burst size was about 300. The burst size was dependent upon culture age. The for inactivation of φW-14 was 4.35 min.. was shown to possess a potent photoreactivating system. The heat of inactivation of φW-14 was calculated to be 75,700 cal./mole. The phage gave biphasic thermal inactivation kinetics at 55° and 60° but not at 65°. The phage mutated spontaneously to a different plaque type. This mutation affected the adsorptive properties, the thermal sensitivity and the burst size of the phage.


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