It has been reported that the maximum efficiency of the infection of RNA tumour viruses, such as Rous sarcoma virus, Friend leukaemia virus or murine sarcoma virus, coincided with the maximum cellular DNA synthesis (Bader, 1966; Yoshikura, 1968; Yoshikura 1968). I present here a confirmatory experiment.

The C3H2K cell line originating from the kidney tissues of a newborn C3H/He mouse is sensitive to contact inhibition of cell growth and stops growing at a low cell density in the G1 phase. After the renewal of the culture medium, all the cells replicate in the synchronous fashion. DNA synthesis begins to increase at 10 hr and reaches its maximum at 20 hr. Mitosis occurs 10 hr later than DNA synthesis (Fig. 1A) (Yoshikura & Hirokawa, 1968). Synchronous cell division was also induced by scraping the confluent monolayer as in the case of 3T3 cells (Todaro, Lazar & Green, 1965), 1S1 cells (Castor, 1968), or chick embryo fibroblasts (Gurney, 1969).


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