Various methods have been reported for purifying ‘non-occluded’ viruses of insects but they have seldom been compared. We find that one we use to purify acute beeparalysis virus (crytogram ) and sacbrood virus () (Bailey, Gibbs & Woods, 1963, 1964) is suitable for many other viruses, and is as effective but simpler than other methods. For example, we have used it to purify dense nucleus virus (GDNV) () (Meynadier 1964). Larvae of that had been injected with the virus and kept at 30° for 7 to 14 days were ground in a 4/1 mixture of water and carbon tetrachloride (1 larva/ml. of water) and centrifuged at 8000 for 10 min. The supernatant fluid contained about 10 virus particles/ml., which separated in the analytical centrifuge into two components with values of 120 and 60 (Fig. 1); the median lethal doses, by injection, of these two components, separated by centrifuging in sucrose density gradients, were about 10 and 10 particles respectively.


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