The sedimentation properties of adenovirus 12 induced antigens were studied by rate-zonal centrifugation in linear sucrose gradients. Adenovirus 12 hexon and fibre antigens were estimated to have molecular weights of 22–25 × 10 and 6–7 × 10 daltons, respectively. In addition, two species of T antigen were separated by rate-zonal centrifugation. The two T antigen species had molecular weights of 8–9 × 10 and 4–5 × 10 daltons and were distinct from adenovirus 12 hexon and fibre antigens. Results were identical whether the adenovirus 12 antigens were extracted from infected H.Ep-2 or HEK cells. Similar studies of tumour antigen from transplanted adenovirus 12 induced tumours in hamsters and CBA mice, and two hamster cell lines grown , revealed the presence of two species of tumour antigen. Molecular weight estimates for the two species of tumour antigen indicated that these antigens were similar in molecular weight to the T antigens. Differences in the relative proportions of the two species of antigen in tumour extracts and in T antigen extracts were found. Treatment of tumour extracts with sodium deoxycholate or ribonuclease did not alter the sedimentation properties of the tumour antigens.


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