Restriction enzyme-generated subgenomic fragments of cloned cDNA prepared from RNA of the strain O1 Kaufbeuren (OK) of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) were compared qualitatively and quantitatively for sequence complementarity with radioactive RNA from strains C Oberbayern (C) and A2 Spain (AS) in hybridization experiments on nitrocellulose membranes. Quantitative comparison of nucleic acid sequences neighbouring (C/OK) or including (AS/OK) the 3′ end of the virus genomes demonstrated more than 80% homology. In contrast, sequences coding for the capsid proteins VP1 (10%, C/OK; 16 to 21%, AS/OK) and VP3 (12%, AS/OK) were remarkably heterologous. Sequences downstream from the gene for VP1, i.e. those coding for non-structural proteins, showed 23 to 51% homology to both RNAs except for the area coding for protein P56a. Here, the observed homology was 82% to C and 39 to 46% to AS.


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