Tumours induced in Balb/c mice by Abelson virus complex were found to contain a xenotropic virus (A-X-MuLV) and an NB-tropic, dual-tropic virus (NBX), in addition to the Moloney leukaemia virus (M-MuLV) and the defective, transforming Abelson virus genome. Both A-X-MuLV and NBX virus were presumably present in a genomically masked form and could be recovered only by co-cultivation of tumour cells with permissive cells. Only about 0.87% and 0.13% of the viruses in the co-culture supernatant represented A-X-MuLV and NBX virus respectively; the majority were M-MuLV. The NBX virus acted more efficiently than the HIX virus (Fischinger , 1975) as helper to rescue murine sarcoma virus (MSV) from SL cells of hamster, rat and mouse origin, whereas the converse was true for those of cat and human origin. The interference and neutralization patterns suggested that the NBX virus was an gene recombinant between A-X-MuLV and M-MuLV. The fact that NBX virus cross-reacted in radioimmunoassays with gp70s of both M-MuLV and Balb:virus-2 provides evidence for the recombinant nature of the NBX gp70-coding gene which was probably derived from both M-MuLV and a virus similar to Balb:virus-2 or A-X-MuLV. The presence of a unique antigenic determinant on the gp70 of NBX virus is also suggested. Both A-X-MuLV and NBX virus cross-reacted with type-specific p12s of M-MuLV and Balb:virus-2, suggesting that the gene coding for p12 of NBX virus was derived from the A-X-MuLV, which was itself a recombinant, its p12-coding gene being derived from both Balb:virus-2-like virus and M-MuLV. The NBX virus was not oncogenic when tested in newborn Balb/c mice.


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