The double-stranded (ds)RNA components of two serologically related viruses (019/6-A and 38-4-A), obtained from , have been compared. 019/6-A virus has two RNA components, ds1 and ds2, whereas 38-4-A virus has three RNA components, ds1, ds2 and ds3. T1 oligonucleotide fingerprint analysis and saturation hybridization experiments indicated that 019/6-A ds1 and 38-4-A ds1 were very similar, whereas 019/6-A ds2 and 38-4-A ds2 were about 50% homologous. 38-4-A ds3 had little homology with ds1 or ds2 of either virus. The single-stranded (ss)RNA transcripts of 38-4-A virus ds1, ds2 and ds3 each directed the synthesis of a single polypeptide, with mol. wt. 62000, 55000 and 52000 respectively. Peptide mapping showed that these three polypeptides were unrelated in sequence and that ds2 encoded the virus capsid polypeptide. The ds3 is probably not required for the replication of 38-4-A virus and may be regarded as a satellite RNA.


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