The interaction between mouse hepatitis virus 3 (MHV) and cells was studied in order to investigate whether or not early events occurring after infection could be involved in the difference in virus replication seen between mouse strains with different genetic sensitivities to MHV infection. Kinetic data showed that MHV uptake by both macrophages and L cells was time- and temperature-dependent. In addition, treatment of cells with cytochalasin B or prostaglandin E, prior to virus infection, resulted in a strong inhibition of sheep red blood cell phagocytosis without any effect on MHV uptake. Similar uptake of radiolabelled MHV was shown by whole spleen cells, purified T lymphocytes and thymocytes. Furthermore, no difference in H-labelled MHV uptake was seen between macrophages originating from resistant A/J mice, semi-susceptible (C57B1/6 × A/J)F and susceptible animals. These results indicate, therefore, that genetically related sensitivity toward MHV infection is not related to differential uptake of virus by cells.


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