Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA synthesis is inhibited in monkey cells by superinfection with adenovirus 2 (Ad2) and various non-defective Ad2-SV40 hybrid viruses. Similarly, BKV (a human papovavirus) DNA synthesis is inhibited in human cells by superinfection with Ad2. Kinetic studies indicate that inhibition begins during the early phase of the Ad2 lytic cycle. Superinfection with Ad2 does not significantly alter the formation of SV40 T antigen. Superinfection with Ad2 late in the SV40 lytic cycle is less efficient in the inhibition of SV40 DNA synthesis, and the onset of Ad2 DNA synthesis is delayed, compared to superinfection early in the SV40 lytic cycle. These findings suggest that the Ad2 and SV40 genomes may compete to bind an early Ad2 protein which is essential for Ad2 replication, but which blocks SV40 replication.


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