The HSV-1/HSV-2 intertypic recombinant Bx1 (28-1) is heterotypic for the repeat sequences flanking the long unique region of the genome (IR and TR) and expresses both the immediate-early polypeptide IE 110 of HSV-1 and its functionally equivalent polypeptide IE 118 of HSV-2. The genome structures of five subclones of this recombinant and the immediate-early polypeptides they induce have been analysed. Subclone 14 lacked most of the IR sequence, including the region from which part of the mRNA for IE 110 is transcribed, and expressed only the HSV-2 IE 118. Subclone 22 lacked almost all of TR including the gene for IE 118 and induced only the HSV-1 IE 110. Since both subclones produced viable progeny in HFL cells it follows that expression of only one copy of the equivalent genes in TR and IR, here coding for the distinguishable polypeptides IE 110 or IE 118, is sufficient for successive complete cycles of virus replication.

Keyword(s): deletions , HSV and repeated genes

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