The enveloped mycoplasmaviruses, MV-Lg-L172 and MVL2, were purified from the culture filtrates of infected strains by precipitation with polyethylene glycol followed by centrifugation in metrizamide gradients. Purified viruses were found to contain lipids by thin-layer chromatography. The total lipid content of the two viruses was estimated to be 10 to 12% of the dry wt. of purified virus. Isotopic labelling with inorganic P and 1-C-oleic acid revealed the presence of phospholipids, glycolipids and phosphoglycolipids, similar to those found in the host cells. The fatty acid composition of the two viruses and their hosts were investigated by gas-liquid chromatography and found to be nearly identical. Virus-infected cells exhibited a slight increase in ratio of diglucosyl diglyceride to monoglucosyl diglyceride relative to uninfected cells. Viral glycolipid ratios more closely approximated those found in uninfected cells.


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