Cell cultures of the alfalfa looper, (Tn-368), codling moth, (Cp-169) and viper spleen cells (viper-VSW) were inoculated with non-occluded nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV-NOV). In both Tn-368 and Cp-169 cells an increase in the concentration of virus protein was detected by ELISA from 9 to 20 h after virus inoculation. An average of 2 ng AcMNPV protein was detected in homogenates of larvae from 12 to 14 h post-infection (p.i.). HzSNPV proteins were first detected in larvae 16 h p.i. At this time approx. 60 ng HzSNPV protein was detected in homogenates of the virus-infected larvae. Virus protein was not detected in viper spleen cells, and larvae inoculated with AcMNPV, or in larvae inoculated with HzSNPV.


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