Antibodies were raised by immunization of monkeys with extracts of kidney cells separately infected with one of the three poliovirus serotypes. Preparations of antibodies were shown to be strictly type-specific in the neutralization test but formed immune complexes adsorbable on , Cowan I strain cells, with heterotypic as well as homotypic virus-specific polypeptides present in extracts from the virus-infected cells. The presence of intertypic antigenic determinants was demonstrated by this technique on both the non-capsid and capsid poliovirus polypeptides.

Structural variations of poliovirus polypeptides were studied by analysing products of their partial proteolysis. Non-capsid polypeptides encoded in the central portion of the virus genome (polypeptides 5b and X) as well as in the 3′-terminal region (NCVP2 and NCVP4) were found to be highly conserved, whereas capsid polypeptides VP1, VP2, and VP3, which are encoded in the 5′-terminal region of the virus RNA, displayed a much greater variability.


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