A murine sarcoma virus (MSV-) which causes sarcomas and other lesions in mice, rats, and hamsters was described by Harvey (1964, 1968), Chesterman (1966) and East & Harvey (1968). Mouse or rat tumours induced by MSV- and grown in tissue culture readily released virus infective for both species; in contrast virus produced by hamster tumour cultures was active only in hamsters (Bassin 1968; Harvey, 1968). One such hamster tumour culture, B34 established by Dr R. Bassin, is currently being maintained in our laboratory. ‘Hamster specific’ MSV-, when examined by electron microscopy, cannot be distinguished from fully infective MSV- or any of the well known type C murine leukaemia viruses (Chesterman 1966; Bassin 1968).


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