Macromolecular synthesis in mammalian cells following infection with picorna-viruses has been studied by several groups (Baltimore & Franklin, 1962; Penman 1963; Plagemann, 1968). However, much of the evidence is contradictory and does not lead to a unified hypothesis accounting for the observed effects. This was demonstrated clearly by the work of Plagemann (1968) in which infection of L cells with mengovirus resulted in a rapid inhibition of cellular RNA and protein synthesis, whereas neither process was affected when Novikoff rat hepatoma cells were used. The confusion in this area of biochemistry was reviewed clearly by Martin & Kerr (1968).

Our previous studies (Brown, Martin & Underwood, 1966) indicated that infection of BHK 21 cells with foot-and-mouth disease virus (type SAT 1) inhibited cell protein synthesis within 15 to 30 min. after infection.


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