Gel filtration on agarose (agar) has been used to separate viruses differing in size (Bengtsson & Philipson, 1964; Čech, 1962; Fridborg 1965; Steere & Ackers, 1962). We therefore tried it for the separation of adeno-associated viruses (AAV) from adenoviruses, including the structural components of the latter. The results presented here indicate that chromatography on Sepharose 2B (Pharmacia, Uppsala, Sweden) represents a useful step for such separation.

The source of AAV and adenovirus was similar to that used in previous studies (Hoggan, Blacklow & Rowe, 1966) with adenovirus type 7, strain LLE46, containing the adenovirus SV40 hybrid and AAV type 1. The viruses were grown in African green monkey kidney cells. The preparation of [H]thymidine labelled adenovirus type 7 and the measurement of radioactivity are described in a subsequent paper (A. R. Neurath, B. A. Rubin & R. W. Hartzell, 1969, in preparation).


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