Bee chronic paralysis virus (cryptogram R/1:*/*:X/X:I/O.) is common in honey bees ( L.) throughout the world (Bailey, 1967). Its ellipsoidal particles contain ribonucleic acid and are of three sizes; 22 nm. wide and about 41, 54 and 64 nm. long, and have sedimentation coefficients ( ) of 97, 110 and 125 respectively (Bailey, Gibbs & Woods, 1968). The particles of bee chronic paralysis virus (CBPV) seem unlike those of any other described virus, except perhaps mouse lactic dehydrogenase virus ((R)/*:*/*:X/*:V/O), (Notkins, 1965). The particles of lactic dehydrogenase virus (LDHV) may contain RNA, and are elliptical in outline, 36 to 42 × 45 to 75 nm. when sectioned but 60 to 65 × 70 to 85 nm. in suspension (De Thé & Notkins, 1965). In this note some properties of the particles of LDHV are compared with those previously reported for CBPV.


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