A cell line (HT-1) derived from a hamster tumour induced by the Moloney sarcoma virus has been extensively used for preparation of murine pseudotype sarcoma viruses (Huebner 1966; Hartley 1969). Infectious virus could not be isolated from these cells nor was the group specific (gs) antigen of the murine C-type RNA viruses detectable in complement-fixation tests (Huebner 1966). In further studies with this cell line, clonal sublines were derived and tested for infectious virus and virus particle production, gs antigen using both complement-fixation and precipitation-ingel assays, and the presence of virus genome by a highly reproducible rescue technique.

HT-1 cells in the 80th passage were seeded into ten 60 × 15 mm. plastic Petri dishes (50 cells/dish). Each culture yielded 5 to 10 individual colonies, of which five were isolated by trypsinization within glass cloning rings. Each of the 50 clones was maintained separately in Eagle's basal medium with 10% foetal bovine serum.


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