Rabbit antisera to bovine kidney cells neutralized several naturally occurring strains as well as laboratory modified strains of bovine diarrhoea virus. Antisera to porcine kidney cells failed to neutralize bovine diarrhoea virus even when cultured in porcine kidney cells. These anticellular sera failed to neutralize the viruses of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, vesicular stomatitis, bovine enterovirus, vaccinia, and parainfluenza-3. Anticellular sera reacted specifically with homologous cells in an indirect immunofluorescent test, but did not form lines of precipitation with cell contents prepared by ultrasonic disruption. These preparations, however, formed multiple lines with antivirus sera, indicating that the antibody produced in rabbits against virus-infected cells differed in some way from the antibody produced in rabbits against whole cells or cell contents.


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