Investigation of a X hybrid (Christmas Cactus), which showed no symptoms, led to the isolation of a strain of cactus virus X (CVX) and another, new virus for which the common name zygocactus virus (ZV) is suggested.

Crude sap from a cladophyll of this cactus hybrid inoculated to Willd. caused many local lesions after about 6 days, and some days later slight distortion and curling of young leaves. While the local lesions were typical of CVX, the systemic symptoms supported the existence of a second virus (ZV). Mechanical transmission of sap from systemically infected to L., which is not a host for CVX, caused systemic infection and resulted in light green spotting of the younger leaves. The virus infected but caused no symptoms in Gray and Lindl. The thermal inactivation point of ZV in crude sap of these four herbaceous hosts was at 10 min. exposure 72 to 74°.


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