Analysis of endogenous X-tropic BALB/c retrovirus-specific RNAs in a BALB/c mouse tissue containing mostly non-dividing cells (liver), in two normal tissues having significant proportions of dividing cells (20-h regenerating liver and 12-day embryo) and in cells of a lymphosarcoma of BALB/c mice were carried out by determining the extent to which the RNAs from these tissues hybridized to the virus H-cDNA probe and by their relative sedimentation values in a sucrose gradient. RNAs from 20-h regenerating liver, 12-day embryo and lymphosarcoma, each containing a significant proportion of proliferating cells, showed 8 to 21% higher hybridization values than normal liver RNA. Differences in the exact size classes of virus-specific RNAs and, in their relative proportions were found to exist in the four different tissue types examined and no correlation between a specific RNA size-profile and the proliferating activity of a tissue could be detected.


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