The antigenicity of the avian sarcoma virus (ASV)-coded -gene product pp60, which is responsible for fibroblast transformation after ASV infection, has been investigated in STU mouse fibrosarcoma cell lines and the corresponding immune response in syngeneic mice has been determined. The development of effective anti-pp60 antibody titres depends on the mode and site of injection of tumour cells and parallels tumour growth. It was found that mouse immunoglobulin heavy chains are unable to serve as substrate for the protein kinase activity of pp60. Therefore, an indirect protein kinase absorption (PKA) test was initiated to demonstrate recognition of the protein kinase activity associated with the -gene product. The availability of syngeneic mice and the corresponding ASV-transformed tumour cells should facilitate studies designed to elucidate the possible relationship between the cytoplasmic pp60 and ASV-induced tumour-specific surface antigens (TSSA), for example, by allowing the production of stable mouse hybridomas synthesizing antibodies specific for pp60 and TSSA.


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